Sport4Refugees brings people, who are in need and have fled to Switzerland through hostile circumstances, together with Swiss clubs.

Why should a club get involved with Sport4Refugees?

  • The club shows the flag with a specific and visible contribution to people who are in need and have fled to Switzerland through hostile circumstances.
  • The club supports the community in coping with the arriving
  • The club creates integrative structures that are open to people regardless
    of their origin.
  • The club can participate in fundraising events or even receive awards as a thank you for its
    exceptional commitment.

What can a club do for refugees?

  • The club can have responsible people trained and agree to host at least three
  • The club can mobilize its members and thereby set up its own fundraising campaign or provide
    accommodation for refugees.

List of the registered clubs

We are a club in Switzerland!

      1. Our club is ready to accept at least three refugees into the club
      2. We have a contact person in the club who can welcome and assist refugees.
      3. At least two people in the club (contact person and coach) are willing to participate in a two-hour workshop each for the integration of refugees in the club.

I have fled to Switzerland

      1. I am looking for a club in my region so that I can feel comfortable here as soon as possible.
      2. In addition to physical activity, I want to try to absorb some of the language and culture through the association.
      3. I want to follow the rules of the club and actively contribute to the club-life.

The project «Sport4Refugees» is close to my heart. Therefore, I support the project and sign the Call to Action!

This initiative is supported by our Partners